Inflatable Party Terms and Conditions at Hall to Hire Worle

We need to emphasise the following points, as we have had a customer recently who has not read or understood the terms and conditions below the points, please read them, it will help your hire go much smoother.

    example, a 12-3 party means you are allowed in at 12:00 and need to be gone, clean and packed by 3pm, so the next customers can come in.


Description of Hire : Inflatable Party Package @ Hall To Hire Worle (Hope Church)

The hire includes the use of a bouncy castle, soft play , bluetooth disco system, provided games and fun items, the hire includes the use of the kitchen, parking, toilet and hall facilities, a member of staff is on site. Length of hire is for 3 hours, this is recommended 30 minutes either side of a 2 hour party for setting up, cleaning and packing away. The hirer is responsible for ensuring everything is as it was when arrived, including cleaning any of the equipment used in the hire. Our staff on-site will inflate and deflate the bouncy castle at the start and end of the 2 hour period.

Terms & Conditions for Hire
1. Payments – A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date and time slots – UNTIL THIS IS PAID THE SLOT IS NOT RESERVED. Full quoted payment is to be received 72 hours BEFORE the booking commences, OR, Can be paid cash (only) on arrival on the day.

2. Security bond – May be required (at our discretion) and is payable upon confirmation. This will be refunded following inspection of the premises.

3. Parking – There are limited Car parking spaces available on-site, made available to the hirer, there is also a car park directly opposite (free) as well as ample on-street parking.

4. Cancellations – Must be made 72 hours in advance of booking date, otherwise full payment will be required and actively pursued, by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that you will pay the amount outstanding if you cancel and actively pay any legal fees and costs incurred in us getting this amount from you.

5. Timings – All booked times need to be adhered to in the inflatable party slots, a 2 hour party includes 30 minutes either side of the party, so you hire a 3 hour slot, failure to arrive on-time will not mean the times can change to suit, also any delays in leaving may result in the next guest becoming late, which will incur costs that by agreeing to these terms and conditions you will pay and also that of any legal costs and fees incurred in us getting this amount from you.

6. Access – A member of staff will be on-site to let you in at your allocated time slot.

7. Damage – The Hirer / Hiring organisation will be responsible for all costs of repairing any damage caused, replacing furniture or equipment lost or damaged, or for any cleaning required for unnecessary mess.

8. Conduct – The Hirer / Hiring organisation will be responsible for proper conduct and be respectful to the premises and other parties at all times.

9. Loss of Property – Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church or Red Pickle Enterprises (booking agent) or any of its staff does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage to or loss of property of things that are within the premises or left behind

10. Indemnity – The Hirer / Hiring organisation shall indemnify Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church, Red Pickle Enterprises or its staff against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of the default injury caused by or to any person, or arise from an accident whilst at the premises, or in respect to any loss or damage suffered or sustained by any person.

11. Permitted activities – all activities must be lawful/legal

12. Groups working with Children – all groups working with young people & vulnerable adults should ensure they have their own insurance and policies. Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church, Red Pickle Enterprises or its staff take no responsibility for this and recommends if you are unsure to seek appropriate advice

13. Risk Assessment – The Hirer / Hiring organisation should ensure a full risk assessment has been completed and all parties are aware of the correct procedures and policies. Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church, Red Pickle Enterprises or its staff takes no responsibility for this and recommends if you are unsure to seek appropriate advice

14. Fire Risks – The Hirer / Hiring organisation should make themselves and those present aware of the fire procedures and assembly points in the event of a fire. The Hirer / Hiring organisation should make Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church, Red Pickle Enterprises or its staff aware at the time of booking of any factor that imposes a fire risk.

15. Lower Rate Hires – There may be times where Hall to Hire Worle, will advertise lower prices for time slots at the weekend as ‘last minute bookings’ this is to ensure we can fill our quota for inflatable parties throughout the weekend – existing bookings will be unable to change their time slot to a lower rate ‘last minute’ advertised slot – we reserve the right to ‘price drop’ these last minute bookings as the time gets nearer – we do this to keep costs down for the hire of all inflatable and party equipment, in order for us to keep our pricing structure fair.

16. Health & Hygiene – If preparing or serving food on the premises all health and hygiene regulations should be observed. Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church, Red Pickle Enterprises or its staff accepts no responsibility as these facilities are supplied for independent use.

17. First Aid – There is a basic First Aid Kit located in the Kitchen area. Accidents should be reported using the ‘Accident Reporting Book’ and notified to the on-site member of staff. Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church, Red Pickle Enterprises or its staff, cannot under any circumstances accept responsibility for injury sustained by any person, or for loss of or damage to personal property.

18. Electrical Equipment bought onto premises – Any electrical appliance brought onto the premises shall be safe, in good working order and used in a safe manner.

19. Animals – Animals, excluding Guide Dogs, are not permitted on the premises.

20. Kitchen Use – You may use the kitchen area to prepare food and refreshments, a sink, cooker and kettle are all provided (including mugs and tea-spoons), however no refreshments are provided, no utensils are provided (including cooking utensils) and no access to any of the cupboards or drawers in the kitchen are allowed – all cupboards and drawers have “magna-locks” and cannot be opened – access to basic kitchen cleaning items can be found under the sink, but we advise to bring (and take away) with you your own cleaning items, should the need arise to use the kitchen facilities.

21. Toilets and Changing Facilities – We have 2 toilets on site (off the main hall) – One is disabled access and also contains baby changing facilities and a shower. The toilets are to be checked by the hirer or hiring organisation prior to departing the building to ensure they are in the same condition as they were upon arrival.

22. Restricted Areas – The stage MUST NOT be used, access to the stage and curtain are prohibited. The locked control booth within the hall is also a restricted area. The rear of the building (through the double doors at the far end of the hall ) is also a prohibited zone (and has its own access for people using that area). Hirers and there guests are prohibited from using these areas and will be asked to leave if they are found to be in these areas, or allowing their guests to use these areas. Signs are in place to remind hirers and their guests of this.

23. Staff – Staff from Hall to Hire Worle will be on site on the day to allow you access to the building, take any outstanding payments and assist in showing you how to use items and whereabouts you can find things (such as brooms, mops, tables and chairs – if required!). The staff will also inflate the inflatable ready for your 2 hour party slot. Often inflating the inflatable prior to the 2 hours, but always deflating with 30 minutes remaining of the hire. Our staff on site ARE NOT supervisors or party hosts and will not be involved with your party.  They will also be ensuring that these terms and conditions are upheld – with extra emphasis on part 22.

24. Supervision – An adult is expected to supervise children on the inflatables at all times, it is suggested that you do not mix varied age groups (for example putting toddlers with 10 year olds) – for your own safety’s sake.

25. Face Painting – Whilst we allow face painters on-site, we need to point out that SOME brands of face paint will stain the equipment , especially the bouncy castle and soft play, if the hire items are stained and this cannot be cleaned off on the day , the hirer or hirer organisation will pay professional cleaning or replacement costs, by agreeing to these terms and conditions you will pay and also that of any legal costs and fees incurred in us getting this amount from you.

26. Management Cancellation – Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church or Red Pickle Enterprises reserve the right to cancel the booking at any time without cause for compensation, this includes cancelling during the hire for safety concerns or in breach of any of the terms and conditions.

27. Alcohol – We do not have an alcohol license at the premises, we cannot sell, or give away alcoholic beverages. If you bring your own alcohol to the venue, it cannot be sold to, or given to anyone else except yourself – Please only drink in moderation, any guests who appear to be under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave.

28. Smoking and e-Cigs (including ‘vapes’) – Hall to Hire Worle premises are non-smoking this includes electronic cigarettes.

29. Outdoor Decking – We have a fenced off outdoor decking area, you may use this area if you wish, we do not allow smoking on the premises so please do not use it as a smoking area, please ensure any children are supervised in this area and for safety you close the gate at all times.

30. Usage – The use of the equipment, including but not limited to, the bouncy castle, the soft play, the ride on cars, the disco box, the games provided, the kitchen facilities, the on-site facilities, the lounge area, the front area and any area or piece of equipment within or on the grounds of the building is done so entirely at the hirers or hiring organisations risk. Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church or Red Pickle Enterprises will endeavour to ensure everything is safe and compliant for use and may, at any time, withdraw items for safety/usage concerns. You accept full responsibility for the equipment, building and its users and guests during your hire.

31. Your Data – We use your data for digital booking systems of which allocated members of Hall to Hire, Hope Church and Red Pickle Enterprises have access, your data is stored until your hire date and then filed – please contact us if you wish for us to remove your personal information once your hire date has passed or you cease any bookings with us. We will use your data in our own in-house electronic marketing and communications and your data will ONLY be shared with Hall to Hire, Hope Church, Red Pickle Enterprises (booking agent) and the software we use for electronic storage and communications.

Statement (Electronic Acceptance)

I  have read and accept Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church or Red Pickle Enterprises Policies & Terms and Conditions of hire and agree to pay Hall to Hire Worle, Hope Church or Red Pickle Enterprises for any losses or damages incurred during this Hire Period caused by the Hire Party / Organisation. I confirm I have the necessary insurances and licences (if required) .

By typing my name, today’s date and my address, I can confirm this is a legal acceptance of the above terms and conditions